Video (Technical) –
Body in White process

This interactive animation was produced as part of the internal documentation of the production processes used at an OEM automotive company. Each year, Bayliss Graphics produced this documentation to inform the various international factories of every step of the production process to use on the forthcoming model, including manual assembly of each part of the vehicle.
This interactive animation included access to the complete Body in White Handbook, which we also produced, including a “PRINT” command, where the engineer could print the page desired (in top quality) straight from the animation. The illustrations and the animation were made in a combination of 2D and 3D to give the clearest portrayal.
The interactive animation was delivered on CD-ROM, which could be quickly and cost-efficiently delivered to the different factories world-wide. Previous to the advent of the CD-ROM, the animations were delivered directly to the engineer involved, in printed folders (200x) and on floppy disks!
Of course, due to time restrictions, this video can only show a small portion of the complete interactive presentation.