Video (Technical) –
The Bayliss Birrana Concept Car

Bayliss Graphics has been supplying technical illustrations and interactive animations, mainly to the car industry and suppliers in Germany since 1986.

The main area of illustration has developed over the years to visualisations of new products and production processes. Working very closely with the pre-development divisions of clients, we bring our experience, not only of the visualisation, but also of the engineering processes involved and allow these new concepts to be explained easily and convincingly.

All of these projects are controlled under the secrecy agreements, which will generally remain in force until the product is released onto the open market.

In the case of our work with pre-development departments, this can be many years. The answer to the problem of how to show new customers our speciality was to design our own car….

The music “Follow design” was composed by Mel O´Dee – Heiko Klüh:

Bayliss Graphics Birrana